Types of Sugar Babies

sugar baby siteThe sugar baby dating world is a place with many types of people. The main goal of exploring a sugar baby site is to find a particular match that shares the same relationship goals and same level of expectations as you do. When you try to find a sugar daddy you need to first know what type of sugar baby you are yourself. Some are having an interest in sharing knowledge and life experience, others are more inclined on getting some forms of protection and financial support, while others have a simple desire for companionship. There are several "types" of sugar babies who exist within this lifestyle. We will explore bellow the main types.

The Princess

The "princess" type of sugar baby girl wants it all. She loves the finer things in life and yearns for cash to spend on shopping sprees, fine dining, extravagant trips, and exquisite jewelry. The princess sugar baby won't take no for an answer and she won't settle for anything less than the sugar daddy ready to give her the world.

The Passport Stamper

The "passport stamper" type of sugar baby girl has a strong interest in exploring the world. She enjoys traveling often and visiting many places. For her, the perfect sugar daddy match is a businessman who travels often. These men have a high net worth and a frequent flyer mile count. For a sugar baby who enjoys traveling, such kind of businessman means a great opportunity to see the world.

The Fiend Seeker

"The fiend seeker" type of sugar baby girl enjoys being in the company of successful older men. They know that such an experienced man has much knowledge to share. This kind of sugar babies might be interested only in friends and a platonic relationship. For this reason, it is best for them to look for older sugar daddies who aren't so much interested in intimacy but in enjoying the companionship of a young, beautiful woman.

The College Baby

The college baby looks for a sugar daddy willing to help her with college funding. For many sugar daddies, this kind of arrangement is all about making worthwhile investments. They are looking for a kind of girl worth considering sharing resources and time with.

Small Town Baby

The "small town" type of sugar baby girl is often having a quite simple personality. Her goals are aimed high and what she says is usually sincere. She has a kind of innocent charm specific to the small town girls. On the same time, while not having much life experience as her big cities counterparts, this is a driven girl who is sure what she wants in the future and knows where she came from. She can offer you humble advice when you are tired by business meetings and she is always keen to opportunities. Pairing with a small town sugar baby girl can offer you a genuine companionship. In this humble girl's eyes, even the smallest gifts mean the world as she's likely not obsessed with items of luxury or big brands. She is the best choice for new sugar daddies or those who want someone likes taking things slow.